• Do you ship internationally?

    • Can I pick up my order?

    • How do I pay?

    • Can I come to your shop?

    • How do I shop by company?

    • Can I save my cart?

    • Where is the "New Items" button?

    • Did you know?

    Do you ship internationally? top

    Currently we are shipping within Canada and Continental USA only.  You are always welcome to email me with inquiries for your country and I will determine on case by case basis whether shipping and fees are cost effective for both parties concerned.

    Can I pick up my order? top

    Yes!  For local orders (Cold Lake area), simply choose Cold Lake Area in the shipping drop down box (don't forget to hit recalculate) and the shipping amount will come out as zero.  Please be sure to make a comment in the comment box as to when you wish to come by and pick it up!

    How do I pay? top

    Your shopping cart is linked to PayPal - once payment is confirmed, orders will be shipped out within 48 hours (unless otherwise noted).

    Can I come to your shop? top

    On site shopping is by appointment only.  Store hours are Mondays - Thursdays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Of course the internet store is always open for your pleasure!

    How do I shop by company? top

    Simply enter the company's name in the search box on in the lower righthand side of your screen. You can also hit the GO button beside the search box and you will be forwarded to the advance search options where you can input the company name in the keyword's section and then select the catagory in the drop down menu.

    Can I save my cart? top

    Unfortunately, no.  In order to keep my site as basic as possible and therefore keeping my prices as low as possible, I do not have this option available.  I do however have a wishlist.  Simply add your items to your wishlist and then when you are ready to place your order, move items over to your shopping cart.  Only downfall with this is that you may lose out on inventory depending on how long you leave your items in your wishlist.

    Where is the "New Items" button? top

    With the site update, some changes were made, if you select "All Items" the catalog is set to newest to oldest products.  

    Did you know? top

    The CLEARANCE section is often the ONLY place you may find an item?  Many items, as they become stagnant, will be moved to the CLEARANCE section.  I have found it easier to just put these items there in one (sub)category (usually my brand), as I can then apply mass discounts at one time verses having to adjust each individually. So, when I save time...you save money!