With a new year upon us, change is in the air.  With change comes new beginning and endings.  

The new and big change for me this year is that this will be the LAST YEAR of

W2 Scrapbooking & Mixed Media Art Studio! 

Having had this store for as long as I have (this is my 20th year), I have seen many changes in the industry and worked and evolved my way through it all.  Now it is time for a change on my part.  I have always put myself behind my family and my business, I am ready for things to change.  I want to be able to go see family when I want, go on a holiday when I want, go visit friends on a whim – everything has taken (often) months of planning.

You will see less of me on social media, less new products (will bring in special orders only for the next few months).  The promotions will begin immediately and will obviously get stronger as I near the end of the line.  So, when is the end of the line? Your guess is good as mine – but for sure by the end of 2018.


For now, I’ll continue on the same idea as the previous sale –

Buy More SAVE More! 

Save 20% off minimum order of $40.00 (before discount, shipping or tax)  

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Regular shop policies will be in effect; however, ALL SALES will be final.

Please note I try hard to keep my inventory current but I am human and the odd time the quantities may be off.  I will often email you with a discrepancy and give you the option to pick out something else or simply get a refund (time permitting). 

Free shipping applies as per website - see here.  My cart is very simple, providing you input the discount code (don't forget to hit recalculate) and select your shipping location, everything is calculated for you. You MUST input the code at the time of the sale, it can not be applied after the fact.

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